September 12, 2018

It’s that irritating time of year when I go to bed warm but by three in the morning, my bedroom is so cold that even the dogs want under the covers.
Meanwhile, my partner’s on the other side of the bed complaining about how hot they are.

Figures. It’s impossible for two people (and pets) to share a bed and agree about the perfect temperature.

Luckily, the creators of the world’s first self-making bed, SmartDuvet, are back with a solution!

Remember the SmartDuvet, right?

In 2016, they ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to bring their self-making technology a reality. The idea was deceptively simple: an insert for your existing duvet cover combined with an air blower.

No matter what state you leave your bed in, once the insert’s channels filled with air, it would straighten out and snap back into place.

And it’s all controlled through an app for your smartphone!

You can tell your bed to make itself with a tap, or you can schedule a preset time. I particularly like that you can schedule each day of the week separately.

It would be kind of weird to have your covers inflate when you’re sleeping in on a Saturday…

If that sounds like enough of a reason to get yourself a SmartDuvet, head over to their website to pre-order now!

The self-making technology is awesome enough that SmartDuvet could have just stopped there, but they had other goals.



This summer, they launched a new crowdfunding campaign, this time on Indiegogo, for the SmartDuvet Breeze.

The Breeze keeps the bed-making convenience of the original SmartDuvet — and adds temperature control!

And sure, a duvet that can be heated or cooled to match the weather is awesome, but even more awesome is that each side can be controlled separately.

You and your partner can keep things comfortable and argument-free — at least until one of you realizes that Fido prefers one side over the other and jealousy ensues.