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Location: Montreal, CA

Website: www.smartduvet.com

Smartduvet, creators of the self-making bed, launch the The Smartduvet, The world's first Dual-Zone Climate-Controlled Self-Making Bed.

Montreal, CA: Smartduvet is a new product that, in addition to making the bed for its owner, allows the temperature to be set individually for each side of the bed. The technology makes use of a seamless, ultra light, inflatable sheet inserted between the duvet and duvet cover. The same sheet is used to both make the bed and deliver conditioned air to each side of the bed. When the bed making feature is activated, the device inflates the main air chamber lifting the duvet and top sheet back to their original position. A different network of smaller channels takes care of delivering the conditioned air without inflating the main air chamber.

The creators claim that the Smartduvet could significantly lower energy consumption by allowing its users to heat or cool their body directly instead of the whole house. According to Smartduvet, the dual zone climate control could also help some couples end argument over room temperature. This feature could also help people suffering from arthritis and other conditions affected by temperature and humidity.

According to Smartduvet, the self-making bed feature could be a real time saver for on-the-go individuals and a helping hand for those with mobility issues.

The patent pending device is programmable using a phone application that allows the user to set the bed temperature and bed making-time to fit their daily routine.

The product comes in various bed sizes and is now available for pre-order at smartduvet.com. To learn more about Smartduvet technology or for interview request please contact info@smartduvet.com

About the team:

Smartduvet's dedicated team is comprised of motivated entrepreneurs who are eager to create technologies that improve people's daily lives.