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The self-making bed is here

The self-making bed is here

Smartduvet is a non permanent technology that simply attaches to your existing duvet. Once attached to your duvet, Smartduvet will seamlessly slip in your duvet cover and make your bed perfectly, everyday.

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The power of air

The power of air

Smart Duvet uses featherweight space age fabric to make your bed through a network of air chambers. This seamless technology is non permanent so you can use it your own duvet and duvet cover. This also means easy cleaning and installation.

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  • Compatible with most duvet and comforters

    Smart Duvet is non permanent, it simply attaches to your existing duvet or comforter. Just select your bed size and smart duvet will slip in your duvet or comforter cover and make your bed.

  • Android and ios app

    Connects with your smart phone to schedule bed making time. Or use the duvet placement mode to easily place your duvet in it's cover.

  • Seemless design

    Our design allows for air circulation and uses the lightest materials. As a result you will enjoy all the benefits of the Smartduvet without feeling extra weight or heat while sleeping.