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Transform your ordinary bedding into a smart, Dual Zone Climate-Controlled Self-Making Bed using your current bed and linens. With Smartduvet, indulge in unparalleled nightly comfort and bid farewell to morning bed-making woes.

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The right temperature for a perfect night’s sleep

With it's Dual Zone Climate Control feature, Smartduvet offers you complete control over the temperature of each side of the bed. No more fighting over room temperature. The dry air blown through our patented layer removes sweat, letting you sleep in perfect comfort.

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Benefits of air circulation


    The Smartduvet will help eliminate this humidity hence reducing the number of germs and dust mites that can cause allergies and asthma symptoms.


    Dust mites are less likely to thrive when moisture is in shorter supply.

    Source: Kingston Universty – London


    Scientific studies have shown that on average, humans can sweat up to one liter of water in one single night. This moisture creates the perfect environment for germs and dust mites to thrive.

  • 1. Comfort at your finger tips

    With the Smartduvet app, you control the temperature and air flow for each side of the bed, the ambient light color and intensity, as well as the bed making time.

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  • 2. A seamless layer

    The magic behind the Smartduvet is mainly it’s seamless layer. Hidden inside our duvet, is the heart of the Smartduvet. Through its different air chambers and channels, it sends the conditioned air to the desired side of the bed. In addition to climate control, and bed makinbg, this layer acts as a fluffy weighted blanket, for a cozy, duvet feeling

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  • 3. It's all in the box

    The control box stows easily under the bed. It controls everything from the air flow to the temperature for each side of the bed and bed making time. It uses powerful but silent blowers to achieve temperature control as well as bed making. Add a few droplets of your favorite essential oil on the reusable filter for a soothing aromatherapy experience.

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When I saw it I had to order it. I love new technology. My hat is off to you all. Thank you for allowing me to never have to make a bed again. This is a game changer.

Academy award winner, Richard Mall

My husband is from Trinidad, he really loves the warmth. We are your classic customer. His side has to be warm, my side cool :). Today you guys proved that in addition to an amazing product, you also have the best customer support

Suanne Stein

I LOVE mine!! My favorite features are dual zone and of course making the bed every morning!

Juliann Chassey

Amazing bedding. I kinda think it is like a heavy blanket without all the heat. I really enjoy the comfortable sleep. I don’t kick the covers off or wish I had more heat. Hope you all enjoy yours as much as I do. Thanks guys for creating this smartduvet

Leroy D

Getting deeper, more restoring sleep is THE BEST benefit of this system. The system is incredible! It feels like I’m sleeping inside of a cool, fluffy cloud. When it’s 114 de-grees in Phoenix, the nights often don’t get below 100. The Smartduvet keeps me cool all night long.

André S

It has built in AC *inside* - whaaaa?!!! Yup.
Totally stoked for cool summer nights in SoCal


Look!! B + I've officially become people who
make our bed every day


We LOVE our Smartduvet! I get the sheets nice and warm while I'm getting ready for bed -
then it's perfect when I'm ready to get in.

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