Set your own ideal temperature

The Smartduvet allows you to set your preferred temperature and bed making time directly from the app. Preheat or cool your bed ahead of time to get the best night’s sleep


To achieve a warm and dry feeling on warm mode the Smartduvet uses heated air sent from the control box and distributed evenly throughout your selected side of the bed. The openings in the Smartduvet layer help eliminate the humidity and keep you dry and warm all night.


Smartduvet uses a scientific effect called evaporation cooling to cool your body using only the room temperature air. The same natural phenomenon is used by our body to regulate its temperature. As water escapes our skin through evaporation our body becomes physically cooler since this air vapour brings heat with it when it leaves the body . By raising air circulation under your duvet, Smartduvet increases the body’s natural evaporation process creating a real cooling effect on the body without using a noisy compressor or any greenhouse gases.

Self Making Bedding

Have your Bed made for you at the touch of a button, asking Alexa or by setting your preferred schedule.

Ambient lighting

Choose your favorite ambient lighting color and intensity or switch it off at the touch of a button.

Temperature Control

Set your desired temperature individually for each side of the bed. You can use it to pre-heat or refresh your bed prior to going to sleep or ask Alexa to set the right temperature for you.

A green product that pays for itself

With the Smartduvet you heat or cool your body directly instead of the whole house thus reducing your electricity consumption and carbon footprint.


The Smartduvet control box conviently stowes under the bed. It uses an air blower to make the bed in the morning and deliver the a quiet gentle breeze during the night.

Control & Comfort

SmartDuvet will have you sleeping in perfect dry comfort every night without having to worry about making the bed in the morning.


Is Smartduvet noisy?

The noise level for the heating and cooling functions is very low, lower than a small table fan. The bed making mode noise level is higher but should not impact you as much since the bed can be made when you’re away.

Are there any electronic components in the bed?

We design the Smartduvet with your health and safety in mind. We placed all certified heating elements and electronics in the control box which makes it much safer than our parent’s heating blankets.

How can it possibly make my bed for me?

The Smartduvet patented bed-making technology is effective yet very simple. It pumps air in the inflatable layer that is inside the Smartduvet quilted cover, forcing the layer to return to its original shape. Since the Smartduvet, your duvet cover and top sheet are attached to the layer, they follow along. The process is very similar to inflating a camping mattress, which always returns to its original shape regardless of how bad it’s twisted or folded.

Where does our product ship?

We ship internationally. Shipping cost reflect the transport charge, some countries may charge import taxes which are not included.

What are the available dimensions?

Here are the available sizes.

  • Queen Size 90”x88”
  • King Size 90”x102”
  • California King 94”x104”

Will my pets claws burst the layer?

The Smartduvet layer is placed inside a quilted duvet cover, protected from animal claws. In addition, you can add your own duvet cover on top , adding an extra layer of protection and perfectly matching your decor. If ever claws do eventually make it through, the Smartduvet layer can withstand many punctures and still maintain enough structural strength to make the bed, and function properly.

If my pet lays on the bed, will the air circulation still work?

If your pet is laying on a portion of the bed, the air will simply circulate in the air chambers around the animal to continue its way towards the available distribution holes in the layer.

Is Smartduvet washable?

Smartduvet's quilted cover is easily washable on the Gentle cycle, in cold water. Hang to dry or dry on low. Remove the inner layer before washing (see instruction booklet) Spot clean the inner layer if needed.