It’s about control — and comfort.

And that’s exactly how it all started.


When the words, “Honey, can you make the bed please?” were uttered for the umptieth time, an idea was born. Within an hour, an inflatable mattress was purchased, along with a pump, and testing began! From that day on, in 2016, the concept of SMARTDUVET was born. It grew into something much more high-tech, following various rounds of testing. Additional features were then added and changed, and the design evolved to evoke an idea of futuristic comfort that did not seem to exist — until now.

Following the success of Version1, with thousands of units in customers' homes, we went back to the drawing board. Our goal was to create something easier, with a faster installation process, a softer and lighter layer with better airflow, a quieter machine, and Alexa integration. Later, following years of research, material testing, sourcing, patents, and coding, we arrived here, in 2024, and launched SMARTDUVET V2: an all-in-one, 5-minute installation, wellness-focused, automated duvet.

We're committed to enhancing your sleep experience with our innovative technology, which aims to transform your bedroom into the most cherished space in your home. Here's hoping you enjoy your SMARTDUVET as much as we do!

Tina Cayouette


* SMARTDUVET is assembled in Québec, Canada.