SMARTDUVET presents at Las Vegas Market

SMARTDUVET presents at Las Vegas Market

SMARTDUVET presented at the Las Vegas Winter Market in Nevada from Jan. 28 to Feb. 1, 2024, to showcase its self-making bed and the many benefits associated with its innovative product. 

The trade show was held at the World Market Center Las Vegas, 475 South Grand Central Parkway, and is known as a furniture showroom complex that caters to thousands of international sellers and buyers. The presentation was done in collaboration with Rize Home, SMARTDUVET’s retail distribution partner in the United States.

“With Rize Home, we showcased the remarkable capabilities of our patented revolutionary system, which essentially eliminates the need to make your bed ever again,” said Tina Cayouette, CEO of SMARTDUVET, in a statement. “We are pleased with the interest our product has garnered from the many attendees.”

The team also showcased the additional benefits of its self-making bed product, which includes dual-zone temperature control, ambient lighting, better air circulation through the removal of humidity, aromatherapy and voice activation via Alexa, among other things. Now, SMARTDUVET is gearing up for other events.

“This year we hit the ground running and we plan to keep up the momentum,” said Cayouette in a statement. “Expect to see and hear more about us over the next few months, as we will also present at the Las Vegas Summer Market from July 28 to Aug. 1, 2024. You can visit us at the Rize Home display to discover more exciting features and updates about SMARTDUVET.”

Following the success of the winter trade show, SMARTDUVET has already launched a 20 per cent discount off the original retail price of it's flagship product. It is particularly noteworthy, as Version 2 of the product was released just this year.