Congratulation! You received the new Smartduvet V2.

The new Smartduvet V2 comes with the padded duvet cover preinstalled over the layer and tubing, no longer need to install the layer yourself.

The tubing is also already connected for quick installation on the bed.

Please refer to the instruction manual for the instruction on how to control the Smartduvet box with the App.

To secure the new Smartduvet V2 to the bed, place the duvet cover on the bed with your sheets already installed. Slide your hand inside the padded cover and locate the metal rings.

Locate the two central metallic rings at the foot of the bed. They are acting as anchor points for the smart layer to secure it in place when using the self making bed feature. The ring should be approximately 1 inch from the edge of the mattress (this can vary based on the mattress dimension

Then take a white plastic clip and slide your hand under your fitted sheet