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Convert your existing bed into a Dual-Zone Climate-Controlled Self-Making Bed using your current bed and bedding. SmartDuvet will have you sleeping in perfect comfort every night without having to worry about making the bed in the morning.

SmartDuvet ships internationally and includes the appropriate external power adapter for the country you reside in.

Dimensions of the Smartduvet:

  • Single/Twin: 59’’x79’’ inches – 150 x 200 cm
  • Full/Double Bed: 80”x80” – 203 x 203 cm
  • Queen Size: 90”x88” – 228 x 223 cm
  • King Size: 90”x102” – 228 x 259 cm
  • California King: 94”x104” – 238 x 264 cm

Estimated date of shipping: End of February - March

How does SmartDuvet work?

SmartDuvert converts your existing bedding using temperature-control technology to deliver a maximum level of comfort for a peaceful sleep every night. Did we mention it also makes your bed for you?

Easy Setup

SmartDuvet is easy to install and conveniently works with your existing bed and bedding. Concealed between your duvet and duvet cover, an ultra light, seamless layer provides conditioned air through small channels while a larger air chamber is used for bed-making.

Setup consists of a simple 5-step procedure:

  • Open your duvet cover
  • Remove the duvet from its cover
  • Attach the SmartDuvet to your duvet
  • Reinsert inside the cover and connect the included tube
  • Connect the end of the sheet with the control box

Maximum Control

With the SmartDuvet app, you have complete comfort control at your fingertips. Using the app, simply adjust the climate controls for each side of the bed until you reach your desired thermal zone and set a time for the bed to be made the next day.

Peace and Quiet

The SmartDuvet control box uses powerful but silent blowers to deliver the desired air flow and temperature, as well as make the bed. It can be easily hidden underneath your bed and makes minimal noise so you can sleep in peace every night.

SmartDuvet temperature control

SmartDuvert uses temperature-control technology to help you achieve a maximum level of comfort during sleep.


The control box sends and evenly distributes heated air to the chosen side of the bed. Openings in the seamless layer remove humidity to keep you dry and warm rather than laying in a pool of sweat.


Based on a natural phenomenon used by our bodies to regulate temperature, SmartDuvet raises air circulation under your duvet to increase the body’s natural evaporation process. This creates a genuine cooling effect without the need for loud air compressors or any greenhouse gases.

Additional features and benefits

In addition to getting a better sleep at night and not having to make the bed in the morning, SmartDuvet has several other features and benefits.

Bed Oxygenation

When humans sweat during sleep, moisture build-up creates a breeding ground for germs and dust mites. SmartDuvet oxygenates your bed to eliminate humidity, prevent bedbugs and reduce night-time sweating.


SmartDuvet allows you to save on your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint by heating or cooling your body directly rather than the entire house. It practically pays for itself!

Remote Activation & Memory

SmartDuvet can be activated remotely using WiFi technology for maximum convenience. SmartDuvet’s memory-equipped control box can also be programmed with your favourite settings.

Happier Couples

Perhaps the most important benefit of the SmartDuvet is that it provides a solution for couples that can never agree on the room temperature at night. Couples can now set their desired temperature without disturbing their partner.